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Team Target has been reflecting on its lockdown experience, and, above everything, we’ve realised that lockdown has been a true learning process. All of us have had different experiences, but we all agreed that we have learnt some valuable things about ourselves both personally and professionally.

Here’s the first part of our 10 Things We Learnt in Lockdown blog. We’re sure some of it will resonate with you, and we’d love to know what you’ve discovered on this rollercoaster journey.


“I’ve learnt that, despite all the technology that’s undoubtedly made working in lockdown easier, there is still no substitute for picking up the phone to have a one on one conversation.”

“It’s confirmed what a great, supportive team we have at Target. We have all stuck together and been there for one another, totally committed and understanding. We couldn’t have a better bunch of people to work with.”

It’s great to have the opportunity to learn, especially with so many free resources, webinars etc available. From wellbeing, to social media or insights from journalists – I’ve learnt lots.”

“Online virtual events can work! The BIO2020 event I attended was a fab three days, with 20minute bite size talks on a range of interesting topics with some great speakers, insightful and a good ‘break’ from normal work. Also, no technical glitches – amazing!”

“I realised that that we don’t need to do so much travel. To the office, to client meetings etc. Reflecting on the time spent in the car, and the negative impact that has – from productivity to the planet – has made me see that we don’t need to travel as much.”

“It can be hard to separate office from home, when home is your office (especially when it’s your kitchen table).”

“The value of established client relationships and the role of open communication as part of that has been really apparent. Appreciating each other’s challenges and supporting one another, as appropriate, is key.”

“I was really missing those little conversations with my colleagues or just being able to turn my head to sense check something, so I make time to check-in with others for a quick chat and it helps me feel less isolated. That said, not having colleagues immediately by my side has also made me more self-reliant and given me more confidence to trust in my own ability because I’ve had to, and so far, it hasn’t backfired!”

“It’s been interesting to see how businesses very quickly adapted to new ways of working e.g. home deliveries, pubs providing collection services etc, and how we are responding to that professionally as well as personally.”

"I've learned to be more disciplined and motivated despite the challenges."