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Last month we published our first Lockdown Lessons blog and as we continue to move forward through to recovery in both a personal and professional sense, Team Target have been reflecting on more lessons learnt. Here’s the second part of our 10 Things We Learnt in Lockdown blog. What have you learnt? We’d love to hear from you.


“Change can be good, both in your personal life and professional life. I’ve used the time to think about what’s important and how I apply myself to be most effective. The chance to change some habits has been really beneficial.”

“All businesses appear to have concerns about messages for both internal and external audiences, and we’ve been able to use our communications expertise to support current and new clients with everything that’s been thrown at them and find some clarity in the noise.”

“Walking opens the mind and it’s been useful to use the time to walk and think; some of my best work and ideas come from my daily walks!”

“Video calls can be very useful and save commuting/time but they can also be hard work; it’s difficult to look out of the window or doodle! And staring constantly at the screen is tiring!”

“Businesses we know locally have succeeded through the challenges faced, and some have fallen – it’s been hard to watch some struggle in these tough times. We know how important it is to keep our heads above the water and keep paddling.”

“Winning new business is possible during COVID as we have proved, but with so much home working it is tough to make contact with potential leads.”

“I have realised that I am not a great teacher – homeschooling was tough, and I am more grateful than ever to schools and teachers – roll on September!”

“Community is important – online, business, personal, family, etc. We all need that social element in our personal and professional lives to feel connected.”

” I’ve learnt that all our personal circumstances are so very different, and some people have really found the past six months hard. It’s reminded me to be more mindful of how people cope and what they may be going through.”

“Communication is more important than ever.”