An Intern’s Insights

After completing a two-week placement with Cheltenham PR agency, Target in April, I’ve returned to the office for the whole summer. I was over the moon to accept and start a three-month internship at the beginning of June, I guess I just can’t stay away! Since starting four weeks ago, I’ve seen a dramatic and...

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sixth form work experience student stands outside the doors to Target PR

Understanding PR – a work experience blog

I’m currently in the Lower Sixth Form studying for my A-levels. Being so close to the end of school, I’m being asked a lot of questions around what I might like to pursue in the future. I was interested to see what a role in marketing and PR would consist of and having spent three...

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Birds of a feather get on together? Which one are you?

So, I’m a mix of a parrot and a dove.  An unlikely combination of birds you may argue, but the chatty / bright and more serene / considered feathered friends are often closely linked thanks to their love of people. And no, I’ve not fallen off my perch but referring to our recent excellent DISC...

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Birds came after personality cards