A week working in Public Relations

One year into my time at sixth form, it’s getting to the point when I need to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. Having looked at many degree options, I have my sights set on a business management course. I have spent this last week on work experience with Target and, in doing so, I have gained so much valuable information about PR and what it involves.

The team at Target have made me feel very welcome and have all been an absolute pleasure to work with. On my first day, Sam gave me a great overview so that I was able to get stuck in without feeling completely clueless about what I was doing. I have been completing various tasks rather than just shadowing someone which has given me a good feel for the job.

Over the week, I have worked a lot on Specsavers which is exciting for me as it’s such a well known brand. I have drafted press releases and web stories as well as organising cuttings from newspapers that have included content about the business. I’ve also had the chance to do some research for a Specsavers store regarding local charities that they could work with.

One of my favourite tasks was visiting Future Advance Manufacture for a photocall for their newsletter with Rachel. I found it so interesting to see how information is gathered and the way in which the team are able to work with such a variety of businesses and have a clear understanding of the ins and outs of what they do.

The top three things I’ve learnt…

Overall, this week has shown me how interesting working in PR can be. It’s a job where there’s a variety of things to do, which has really attracted me to this as a possible future career. Also, learning what PR involves has allowed me to understand its importance in business.

Thank you so much everyone at Target!


Beth Willcox

Student, Alcester Grammar School