Bringing birthday sparkles (virtually)

It finally arrived!


Target celebrated its 40th birthday on Friday 1 September, marking the date that the business was registered by founder Patrick Wood in 1977.


But how to celebrate this? We initially put our heads together to come up with something that really embodied the spirit of Target: creative, stand-out, forward-thinking and collaborative. It was also important that we recognised those that have come along with us on our journey, and give back to those who work with us today.


In a flurry of creativity, the Twitter party idea was born. Bringing together the winning combination of cake and digital media, we hatched a plan to surprise friends, clients and supporters with a birthday treat. The idea was simple and effective:






The response was fantastic. From a business point of view, we generated a huge amount of engagement across our social media platforms; over 24 hours, the Target Twitter activity garnered more than 12,800 impressions. On a more personal note, we received some touching messages from friends and clients far and wide, past and present, which really made the Target birthday a special occasion.

Cheers! 🍾