Bringing home the bacon

Two weeks ago, Target completed our third Bacon Roll Run in aid of our chosen charity, WellChild. After making a staggering 266 bacon and vegetarian sausage sandwiches, and raising an impressive £850, we collapsed back into the office with our own mid-morning reward of a sarnie erring on the side of room temperature but tasting all the more delicious with a dollop of pride and achievement.


At this point, it’s important for to mention our fearless bacon buttie leader (and Office Manager), Bev; she organised us to near perfection and deployed a strategy rivalled only by military manoeuvres. Equally important was the generosity of both our local suppliers who kindly donated everything, from bacon to foil and freshly baked rolls, and the local businesses who signed up for deliveries by the dozen.


As I was munching on my sandwich, I couldn’t help but appreciate the teamwork that had gone into assembling it and the morning as a whole. It was my first experience of Team Target in fundraising action, and there were definitely some pointers for anyone looking to get the most out of a team.


  1. Know your leader

All teams need a leader, but that isn’t necessarily the boss for every project. Ensuring you have expertise and enthusiasm at the helm can really give things momentum. Giving the lead to another member of the team can also foster a sense of ownership over the company’s successes.

  1. Have a plan, and communicate it

Planning may seem obvious but communicating the plan is as important as making it. Everyone needs to know what they are doing, what is expected of them and how long they have to do it to ensure things run smoothly. Communicating outwardly can also engage external stakeholders with your progress and success, and drive interest in the finished result.

  1. Be adaptable

As iron clad as a plan may look and feel in advance, chances are the process will throw some curveballs your way. If you’ve made sure everyone knows the big picture then you can approach any changes together and easily find solutions to make sure you hit the goal at the end.

  1. Beware over-preparation

It may seem like a good idea to get ahead (and butter lots of bread rolls) but this could leave you short in other areas as the day or job progresses (when you have orders for unbuttered rolls and none spare). Preparation is key for success in many things but it’s often hard to know precisely when you will need an individual element of an overall total. Leave your team room for a little adaptability amongst the preparation.

  1. Celebrate success

This is a huge part of our culture at Target, with a segment at each monthly meeting dedicated to sharing each other’s successes. Our bacon roll run was no exception with Colin, our Chairman, kindly treating us to sarnies at the end of our delivery. Taking a moment at the completion of a project or task to thank the team and acknowledge a job well done can re-energise them for the next task and help them meet challenges with a positive mindset.


Try some of these out on your team and see if they help you ‘bring home the bacon’ like it did for Team Target!


Sarah Best

Account Manager