Celebrating women in business

It’s International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the achievements of women and the growth of gender balance across the world. At Target we’re used to celebrating each other’s achievements, and with lots of inspirational women to choose from here, it’s hard to focus a celebratory blog post.


Each month at our team meetings we look back and appreciate the innovations we’ve made and the successes we’ve had since we last met, but we don’t often, as a whole team, take a longer term glance back at our team and company’s success and evolution. It’s an amazing history, spanning 42 years and countless clients and campaigns.


At the last count, the team has tucked at least 33 awards under its belt since 1997, so there’s been no shortage of recognition over the years.


I want to give a special mention today, on International Women’s Day, to two of our board members who inspire the rest of us on a daily basis and have worked at Target for a significant chunk of our 42 years; Sam and Sarah. They represented Target when we picked up Business of the Year at the Women in Business Awards, 2016.


Communication and innovation
This year, our chief executive, Sarah Bryars, published our first white paper on the role of communications in driving innovation. It’s an outstanding achievement on the back of another major triumph – the completion of her MBA Leading Business with the University of Gloucestershire and Quolux, last year. You can get your copy of Driving innovation through expert communication on our website here.

Her work has focussed the whole team on looking at how our skills can be targeted towards supporting clients’ innovation and growth, as well as our own. It highlights the importance of communication as an element of business strategy and its value in the boardroom of any organisation.


It’s been 15 years since Sam Kandiyali, our director, was shortlisted for Young Communicator of the Year at the CIPR PRide awards and she’s still got it. Now, on top of her super sharp professional skills, Sam is a brilliant collaborative leader.

She engages the whole team in the development of our business; asking for feedback, using it with other board members, and communicating progress. Our internal comms and working culture are second to none, and that makes us a happy and productive team.



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