Supporting new talent

Exiting the comfort zone – my week with Team Target

What I wanted to gain from work experience


I’m a final year sports journalism student from the University of Gloucestershire and as part of my course I had to complete three-weeks of work experience.


Work experience is all about testing yourself in fields that you think could be beneficial for you and help guide you to a career that you will enjoy.


I have always thought that I would be best suited to writing sports stories; after all my main passion in life is sport. This encouraged me to complete my first two-weeks of work experience at two different newspapers as part of their sports team. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and successfully published numerous articles online. The success over those two weeks did make me consider continuing the trend for my final week and go to another similar publication, but I realised this would have been a naïve decision.


What’s the point of just testing yourself in a field you already feel comfortable in? How will I know if sports journalism is what I want to do unless I test myself in other working environments? I wanted a new experience; try something new and make the most of the opportunities available to me.


What motivated me to join Target


I chose a work experience placement that was slightly outside the box for someone studying sports journalism, something that was out of my comfort zone. I chose to have a week’s experience working in public relations, but what motivated me to do this?


During my second year at university I had the option to choose one of my modules and was able to pick between radio and PR. As someone who is always looking to try new things and having previously experienced a small amount of radio throughout my first year, I decided to opt for the PR module.


I didn’t know too much about PR when I made the choice, but was excited to see a whole new side to my course.  Throughout the module I found myself becoming more and more fascinated by the world of PR. Understanding that you are the connection between a company, its stakeholders and the public truly grabbed my attention.


This is what influenced me to look for work experience at a PR company and my search led me to Target.


Looking through the company’s website a sentence that stood out to me was: ‘At Target, each of us is an individual but when we bring our talents together we become something more.’


That, along with all the information the website provided in relation to clients and the company’s culture, convinced me to contact Target before any other PR company, a decision I didn’t regret.


I came in for an interview and knew quite quickly that this was the right place for me. You could sense that the team truly cared about their clients and they were all confident in each other’s abilities, that their clients would get the best service; what more could you ask for when searching for work experience?


How I’ve benefitted from my time at Target


After spending the week at Target, I would highly recommend anyone from the world of journalism to test yourself in the field of PR. You gain a new appreciation for the important role PR plays in supporting not just the companies they represent but also journalists.


Creating press releases and web stories, along with social media content, was as beneficial as it could have possibly been for me. I have considered applying for in-house PR jobs in sport and have noticed that the skills I have completed over the past week at the agency are fully transferrable. The experience I have gained at Target can only be seen in a positive light for my future career.


If I’ve taken one thing from my time at Target, it’s how important it is to remain goal orientated in all aspects of life. With a team of just ten people, it is important that everyone focuses on their goal towards better. This has not just help me as I venture into the working world, but it will also assist me in everyday life to better myself.


I am truly grateful for Target allowing me to become a part of their small, family-like, agency for a week and my eyes are now open to a potential new career path.

Lawrence Taylor