Getting on the ‘Career Ladder’ in PR

As 2018 turns into 2019, the mince pies have all been eaten and it’s back to reality, it is a good time to reflect. Mistakes made, lessons learnt and all the in-between. Last year I took my first step on the career ladder by joining Target. So, in the spirit of the New Year, I invite you all to join me in reflecting on my top tips for starting a new job, whether that be from the interview process all the way up to the nerve-racking first day and onwards into the future. If you’re a recent graduate, or changing companies or fields, or if you’ve bagged your dream job and can sit back and reminisce – we can all sympathise that ‘adulting’ is hard.


Everyone’s favourite two words. Job interview. It conjures up a cocktail of both anticipation and fear but hopefully contains a few more shots of positivity than dread for you. Considering this and still being the ‘newbie’ in the Target office, optimistic thinking really is the key to this one.


Tip 1: Stay hopeful. You know yourself better than anyone but can also be your harshest critic at times. If you can walk away from an interview and say; ‘I gave it my best shot’, then that is all anyone can do, especially when you’ve just finished studying and the world of work is a whole new process. Don’t take everything personally, often you can be unsuccessful with a job application because of something that is completely out of your hands. Yet, take pride in your personality. If you’ll allow me to amend an earlier statement by Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Be yourself because you will feel valued when the right job comes along.


Consequently, I guess everyone’s second much-loved word pair must be: first day. The first day of any new experience or life change is unquestionably a butterflies in stomach kind of moment. The excitement of acing the interview and being offered a position is exhilarating, yet the Sunday evening fear factor is tenfold this time.


Tip 2: Keep Calm and Carry On – your own resilience might surprise you, just have a little patience and don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember to adjust your communication to the appropriate level for your new employers, and whilst being respectful of their rank, treat everyone in the office as you would want to be treated and you’ll mould together as part of the team in no time. My mantra is; “Don’t talk, just listen. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.” Judge the situation but sometimes actions really do speak louder than words.


If you’ve had enough of my cheesy quotes by now, or like me are lusting after the inspirational quotes’ mood board that every millennial in university halls puts up (I think mine is in the attic somewhere) then I’ll just leave you with the wellbeing acronym my colleague bestowed upon the team this new working year: remember to SWEEB – get enough Sleep, drink enough Water, Eat well and healthily, Exercise as often as you possibly can and practice mindful Breathing.


Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2019 – you never know what is waiting around the corner!


Emma Worsfold

Account Assistant