The Importance of PR – My Work Experience

Ever since I started my GCSEs, I instantly knew that I wanted to take up a role in the business world. The sound of an innovative, interactive career interested me greatly. I’ve always wanted to be involved first hand in tasks, as well as put in all my effort, and gain a big result out of my hard work. I looked up to many key businessmen who revolutionised the business world to where it is today, one of these being Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin; a man with an inspiring story. A story about coming from nothing and amounting to more than what anyone expected. By overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way, his journey shows that no matter what blocks your path you must keep continuing. I want to be just like him.


However, accomplishing such tasks is not as simple as I once thought it was, and I have come to realise this first hand through my week at Target.


With Target, I have been involved in a team meeting, drafted a press release, drafted a web report, produced a PR calendar and plan, added onto a social media calendar as well as handling other small tasks around the office such as updating a cuttings folder. Each one of these tasks has provided me with beneficial knowledge and I have learned something I never knew before.


The work I produced and drafted during my time at Target was used, or will be used for the clients in the future, which made me feel more valued.


This really helped put into perspective how businesses require a lot more than just internal help in order to run successfully, one source being PR. PR is a crucial part of the marketing mix and can often be a big influencer on a businesses success. The role of PR is to maintain the business image, as well as grow it. PR helps businesses use the news outlets and media sources to their full potential.


In addition to this, I’ve realised how prominent PR is in the news and how businesses use news sources to their advantage. This showed to me how vast the business world is, and how there are many factors that affect the way a business operates.


Overall, I’m glad I got to spend my work experience week at Target, as it has opened my eyes to a new view of the business environment, not to mention the lovely team at Target. The team at Target, despite all having individual jobs, are so well coordinated with each other and always manage to support their colleagues at every chance they can, which showed me how a true PR team should work.


PR is crucial to businesses, and Target has shown me how it should be done.


Justin Tunkhume, Year 11