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An Intern’s Insights

After completing a two-week placement with Cheltenham PR agency, Target in April, I’ve returned to the office for the whole summer. I was over the moon to accept and start a three-month internship at the beginning of June, I guess I just can’t stay away!

Since starting four weeks ago, I’ve seen a dramatic and advantageous difference between completing work experience and having an internship. So, I’ve decided to share four key areas of change, one for every week I’ve been here…

An increase in responsibility

Sometimes working with a company on a week’s work placement isn’t enough time for you to fully understand their business practice, and for them to equally identify your capabilities. However, an internship often means you’re with a company for a month or more, meaning you’re delegated much more responsibility as colleagues get to know you.

As somebody who’s quite independent, it’s a great feeling to know that I’m trusted to communicate with a range of people on behalf of Target. I’m also able to upload web stories and create work opportunities for myself by liaising with clients, which has been a rewarding benefit of having more time.

Continually feeling rewarded

One of the main differences I’ve noticed is that being an intern is much more rewarding. Due to my longer time with Target, I’ve been able to build relationships with a range of clients, while remembering their names, stores and what we last discussed without having to check my notes, which is extremely gratifying.

Recently completing a Magazine Journalism degree has shown me that there’s no better feeling than seeing content you’ve crafted, being published – whether that’s a web story, social media posts or getting coverage for a client. Every day I become more proud of myself for learning a new skill or building upon ones I already had.

Soaring confidence

Within one month, I’ve already felt my confidence noticeably increase. As somebody who has a serious case of phone phobia, I’ve grown comfortable picking up the phone to clients for more details on a story or for a simple PR catch-up. I’ve also noticed my writing skills improve as the drafting of web stories and press releases become second nature.

Less stress

I know it might seem strange to say that I feel less stressed as an intern since it usually means having a larger workload, but I’ve become comfortable with my daily jobs.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post for Target, work experience can be daunting because of the unfamiliar environment and by the time you’re finally settled, it’s normally time to leave. One of the main advantages of an internship is that you don’t have to pack your bags so quickly. You can familiarise yourself with the surroundings, get to know your colleagues and most importantly, where they keep the snack stash!

Megan Sneade

Account Assistant