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Wondered how to get a natural high in the depths of January? Try this.

Gather a tranche of open-minded business leaders, invite them to a state-of-the-art university lecture theatre, then deliver the first masterclass of your life on a business-critical topic (no, not the one beginning with B).

There’s never been a more important time to talk about innovation.

Earlier this week we launched Target’s inaugural white paper ‘Delivering innovation through expert communication’ at the University of Gloucestershire’s spectacular new School of Business & Technology. The report explores the very heart of what innovation may mean to firms of all sizes and sectors, far beyond the worlds of tech, cyber and scientific discovery which seems to steal the limelight of innovation.

We suggest that innovation is for everyone. After all, re-invention and renewal are the cornerstones of business survival in the long term. If we think innovation is the sole domain of invention, measured in patents, it may not be given the attention, consideration, resource or priority that it merits. Considering what degree of innovation is best suited to our own organisations, that’s a matter of strategy, ambition and leadership.

And of course, for Target, our special interest is the role that communications might play in achieving the fullest potential from innovation. It’s a subject that has been given scant attention. That’s why I made it the subject of study for my MBA Leading Business. And to cut a long story (and hefty dissertation) short, it’s what’s led to a fresh focus for the conversation Target is having with clients and the wider business community.

Wednesday’s masterclass was a powerful conversation opener. Sharing a platform with QuoLux and the University of Gloucestershire, whose partnership created this unique work-based learning MBA, was a privilege. The rapt attention of so many business leaders suggests there’s an appetite for the subject. The ripples of discussion murmuring around the room over coffee were full of energy, ideas, reflection and intent. As debut masterclasses go, it was a real buzz.

So, what’s next?

We’re making the white paper freely available via our website, just complete the form below and we’ll send you a copy.

We’ll be sharing our #InnovationInsights over the coming weeks and months; we’d love to hear yours too.

Sarah Bryars

Chief Executive