#LifeAtTarget – Account Executive edition

Ever wondered what life at Target is like? We caught up with Account Executive, Shannon O’Brien for some quick-fire questions which shed a little light on life in our team.


What’s your favourite thing about being an Account Executive?

My favourite thing about being an Account Executive at Target is the diversity of the role. I have the opportunity to work on lots of accounts in completely different sectors and I also get involved in different types of work.


What does an average day look like?

It’s difficult to say what the average day looks like because one of the best parts of this job is that every day is different! I’m usually based at the office but some days I’ll be out visiting clients for meetings or going to networking events.

Although, on a typical day in the office, I’ll start by checking my emails and managing press cuttings that come through every day. I’ll then consult my to do list which usually has a wide range of tasks and prioritise what needs to be done first. Then, throughout the day you’ll typically find me drafting and issuing press releases, catching up with clients over the phone and email, speaking to journalists, uploading web stories, managing social media accounts, proofreading copy and having various team meetings.


What’s the best part about working for Target?

It’s hard to choose one thing so I’ll have to say three! It’s working with a kind and caring team, the brilliant relationships we build with clients, and seeing the fantastic results of our hard work as PR specialists. Whether that be smaller victories such as achieving coverage and social media growth, or bigger ones such as holding a successful launch event or winning a new client; it all counts towards that fulfilling success!


What advice would you give to someone applying for a role in your team?

Never say never! Working at Target I’ve found the opportunities are endless and quickly realised the best way to learn is to practice.


What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt here?

As I joined Target as graduate, I’ve learnt so much about PR since I started. I think the biggest thing Target has taught me is the genuine importance of communications for businesses as I’ve been able the see the impact first-hand.


If you’re feeling inspired to become part of the Target team, you’re in luck! We are currently looking for a savvy Account Executive to join us, check out the link below for more details: