New perspectives: making what’s good, better.


I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I joined the team here at Target, this has hands down been the quickest month of my life. I knew I would be writing this post from about my second day in the office, so I’ve been through a few topic ideas, started about twenty versions of the post but settled on something perhaps a little predictable; I’m going to start at the beginning.


How did I come to join the team?


Well, I was in my last role for just under six years, which is the longest I have worked anywhere – please don’t judge me too harshly on that, bear in mind I graduated university amid a recession so ended up in a lot of fixed-term contracts. Anyway, I was pretty settled in my last role, comfortable, which begs the question; why leave? I’m not really sure what prompted it, maybe it was that comfortable feeling, but one day I decided to try and find the fire again, to find what I really loved in my job. Each day I would write down one thing, a modest start that began to build into bigger ideas. After a couple of weeks, I went for a meeting with our PR agency, still mulling over the ideas of what I loved doing. When I walked out of that meeting I knew I had my answer; I loved the communications part of my job the most.


The twist in the tale is that the agency I met with that day, that helped me get to my answer and ultimately my action, was Target.


My experience of Team Target, both as a client and a proud new member, has shown me just how great they are at asking those thought-provoking little questions that really get under the skin of a company. They may not have initiated my journey, but they certainly helped me get here. I’ve come to think that guiding people through that ‘discovery phase’ is just something the team do so naturally they helped me without trying – something for me to aim for as I settle in.


I’ve realised that when you have been doing something with any degree of success for a while it can be easy to fall into the trap of not tinkering with a good recipe, but with the right changes a good recipe can become something spectacular.


So, where am I going with this?


I suppose I’m recommending the same start I made; ask a simple question. Look at your Communications Strategy, and ask yourself; what is it about our strategy that works? That simple starting point could lead to a whole new way of seeing things, to new opportunities and to untapped potential. Choosing the right partner with the expertise to help you turn those answers into actions will make all the difference, and as someone who has just started an exciting new chapter with the help of the team here at Target, I couldn’t recommend them, or should I say ‘us’, highly enough.


Sarah Best
Account Manager