New Year [work] Resolutions

With every New Year comes the personal pledge to start afresh and set some new aims, goals and aspirations to strive for over the next 12 months.


As many of us have, I’ve tried with varying degrees of success and failure to meet my quite trivial New Year resolutions that I hope will improve my daily life a little. These have included, but weren’t limited to, not eating any microwave meals, going to the gym more (like everyone in January) and ensuring I religiously get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks like every professional adult female does (right?). But I’ve never given quite as much thought to making some New Year’s resolutions for work, so this year I’ve decided to change that.


Last year, I noticed what seemed to be a surge in networking groups for working women. This may well just be the result of a growing (and perfectly healthy, I might add) Instagram obsession but it feels like female career empowerment is really becoming a ‘thing’. From loving the Step Up Club’s blog and wishing I could join their School, to the coaching I’ve had, to being inspired by a friend attending a Southwood Social Hub event and meeting people I admire from afar (notably their Insta squares). Add to this the incredibly thought-provoking LEAD Masterclass I went to this week, led by QuoLux’s Stewart Barnes on ‘Leading Change’, and I’ve had an awful lot of thinking to do about how I can improve my working life this year.


Slightly overwhelming for sure, but it’s led me to my New Year resolution for work and what I’ve decided to go with is this: “It’s always easier not to”. It’s a reminder to myself to challenge and question myself and others this year, to not make easy assumptions and test ourselves in what we do. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And there’s nothing wrong with a little reverse psychology.


In thinking about all this, I also asked other members of the Target team if they’d made any New Year’s resolutions for work. Here’s what they said:

Shannon, Account Executive – “I would like to try and learn something new every day, especially as working PR is still very new to me. Whether it’s through reading, experience or watching, I’d like to come away from each day knowing I have learned something new from work.”

Bethan, Account Director – “I want to be more productive and focussed with tasks and my time so I’m going to start using a journal. I’m also going to give myself more time to review and reflect and set more manageable goals.”

Sarah, Chief Executive – “I’m going to make more time to meet with people face to face. Whether it’s network events or one-to-ones, making time to learn about other people’s interests is enriching and stimulating. It is one of the aspects of being part of a business community that I enjoy the most.”

Bev, Office Manager – “I have a number of items on my ‘to do’ list which have been on there forever. So, I have decided that I need to complete at least one of those long-standing ‘to do’s’ each week, that way I should be clear by end of March!!! Oh and not forgetting …. I will NOT have a ‘Monica Cupboard’ during 2018.”

Sam Kandiyali, Director – “I’m going to take a leaf out of Obama’s book and not have any New Year resolutions but try to make sure that each day I try to do a little better than I did before.”

Interestingly both Colin and Toby talked of 2018 being a little neater: Colin reminded us all that keeping the office tidy isn’t just for special occasions, and Toby pledged to reduce the piles of paper on his desk.


Well, this sounds like a great start and hopefully these resolutions will help to shape a year that’s a little better than the year before.


Rachel Meagher
Associate Director