Colin celebrates 25 years at Target

Seasons of change – 25 years at Target

Monday 5th September 1994 was a lovely, warm, sunny, early Autumn day. You may be wondering how on earth I can remember this from 25 years ago? Well it’s quite simple really, as it was my first day at Target and the start of an amazing life-changing journey with lots of ups and downs, but rarely a dull moment. I feel very proud to have played a part in the history of a very well-regarded business in Cheltenham.


A different world

A quarter of century has passed since I started at Target and what a different world we lived in then. The internet and email were in their infancy, social media, smartphones and tablets were still be invented. We communicated by writing letters, sending faxes and making phones calls and mobile phones were the size of a brick! European countries all had their own currencies before the introduction of the Euro, Tony Blair was Leader of the Opposition and it was well before the explosion in the popularity of reality television!


Target was very different back then. When I joined it was a very successful advertising agency having been set up in 1977 by Patrick Wood. During these past 25 years we have set up and sold two direct marketing businesses and established a successful PR business. We became an integrated agency and then adapted to the economic slump in the late noughties by reorganising, and we are now concentrating on strategic communications and public relations with a strong team led by Sarah and Sam. We have survived recessions, the banking crisis, as well as the occasional internal shareholder dispute and, despite the current Brexit issues, Target is now very well placed for the future.

Loyalty and longevity

My role has evolved over the years, initially as Finance Director, Chief Executive and now as Chairman and majority shareholder, although I have always looked after the finances of the business. Loyalty and longevity are qualities that we value highly at Target and next month my fellow director Sam Kandiyali will celebrate her 20th anniversary with the business, having started in October 1999 as an Account Executive.


So, 25 years have passed by very quickly and, in an ever-increasing digital era, Target continues to adapt and produce excellent work, helping our clients communicate brilliantly.


Long may it continue!


Colin Spencer