Time for a Spring Clean?

The end of March closed a very busy month here at Target, with planning and preparations for campaigns and PR programmes in full swing and of course not forgetting the renowned Cheltenham Festival. In the spirit of the new season and the recent sunshine (hopefully it returns), I thought a ‘spring clean’ seemed in order.


New Financial Year

With it being 6 April tomorrow, the new tax year will begin, so it seems a fitting time to look at the new fiscal year and what it may bring for personal finances.

It might sound old fashioned, and the environmentally friendly initiative of going paperless is ideal, yet sometimes I find it helps to plan things out visually on paper. I like to make a table of my foreseen expenses, cost of living and any treats I can look forward to.


‘Life Admin’

Depending on the state of your inbox, it may need a declutter. The infamous notification icon can be all too easy to rack up, especially with a multitude of social media accounts. I’m all in favour of taking some time out to have a ‘social detox’. Wiping all those spam emails can seem daunting but prioritisation is the key here and the focused inbox tool is a real timesaver.

Grouping social spheres in chats is beneficial and try new methods in the workplace too. For example, in larger or multi-site organisations, it might be easier for colleagues and clients to ping items over on instant messaging instead of email, and a text takes two seconds when the phoneline might be otherwise engaged.


Wellbeing and Exercise

A colleague recently introduced me to the Awareness Days Calendar for social media planning, April marks Stress Awareness Month and today is Walk to Work Day. Fittingly, there was some research out yesterday across the national newspapers about the benefit of taking a twenty-minute walk to help reduce stress, as The Times stated that this amount of time ‘was found to lower stress hormones by about 10 per cent’.

These two events highlight the reciprocal relationship between wellbeing and exercise and here at Target we are big advocates of getting out for some fresh air at lunch time, with Leckhampton Hill being a favourite, especially when we have our four-legged team members with us!


Charity Focus

Finally, if you’re not exhausted from hiking up a hill and would enjoy taking up a new hobby or widening your circle of friends, the longer days and lighter evenings might call for a new charity partnership.

Here at Target we are continuing our support of WellChild, with our annual charity Golf Day only two months away tomorrow, while many of our clients nominate a charity for the year to fundraise for. And on a personal level, I’m keen to help people explore some volunteering options whether that’s working with children and the elderly, driving local community groups or even radio broadcasting like myself over at Cheltenham General Hospital which is great practice for my public speaking.


So, dust off your planners and get spring cleaning in the sunshine!


Emma Worsfold

Account Assistant