sixth form work experience student stands outside the doors to Target PR

Understanding PR – a work experience blog

I’m currently in the Lower Sixth Form studying for my A-levels. Being so close to the end of school, I’m being asked a lot of questions around what I might like to pursue in the future. I was interested to see what a role in marketing and PR would consist of and having spent three days on work experience with Target, I learnt a lot about the industry and gained valuable information about PR and what it involves.

Variety of work experiences

Although I was only here for a short space of time, during my three-day placement, I was entrusted with a wide variety of tasks including writing web stories and press releases, conducting research tasks, drafting social media schedules and designing several graphics for dates throughout the month. Not only this but I was also able to sit in on a meeting on my first day about Google analytics.

The thought of working in an unfamiliar environment with a room full of strangers can be very daunting for anyone and this was certainly the case for me. However, working at Target gave me a lot more confidence in myself and around new people. I’m now confident in the fact that that I’m able to complete any set task thrown at me.

Insight into the future

Each task that I was set provided me with a variety of beneficial knowledge which I wouldn’t have learned without completing my work experience. I would advise any Sixth Form students that are unsure of their next moves to get as much work experience as possible as you will gain a lot more confidence and discover new skills, as well as getting a much clearer idea on what you want out of your future.

I’m thoroughly grateful Target gave me this opportunity to work with them, as it allowed me to gain an insight into the type of working environment I may want to go into after education. In addition, I learnt how crucial PR is and how many businesses can use it to their advantage. I now have many more ideas of what I may want to pursue in my future.

Emily Eyre, Year 12