Work experience; learning from success and typos

When I found out I would have to do three weeks of work experience as part of my university course, I was apprehensive. Despite spending the past two years studying magazine journalism and learning to write to a publishable standard, I feared entering a professional environment and making amateur mistakes.

Then I realised the whole point of work experience is not just to learn new skills and familiarise yourself with a working environment but, ultimately, to make mistakes in order to improve. I experienced all these things, and more, at Target.

Why Target?

For my final year of university, fascinated by the topic and eager to learn more, I opted for a PR module. So, applying to a PR agency for work experience seemed like a logical choice. When I discovered Target, I was instantly drawn to them. A company that values integrity, teamwork and excellence, whilst caring for its staff and clients, seemed like a wonderful place to work and learn from – and it did not disappoint.

Throughout my week here, the team at Target have gone out of their way to teach me about the industry through first-hand experience. This is something that, will not only prove beneficial in my upcoming PR module, but knowledge I will continuously utilise as I enter the working world.

What I’ve learnt

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I entered the office on my first day. Since then, I have drafted several press releases, blog posts and web stories for companies and even completed mundane admin tasks. I’ve left this week feeling more confident in my writing abilities, and my organisational skills too.

Every second here has been enjoyable but one of my most valuable experiences was being invited to a new business development meeting, allowing me to gain further insight into the PR process.

I’m very grateful to Target for an insightful and engaging week of work experience, and to Bethan for showing me that a couple of typos doesn’t necessarily make you a ‘bad writer’. As expected, I’ve made a few (mostly grammatical) mistakes but applying to Target definitely wasn’t one of them.