Work Experience: Teaming up with Target

As a current Masters student, time is something I have very little of. Gaining industry experience is crucial for budding PR practitioners, yet finding a placement can be both demoralising and draining. As I’m London-based during term time, I tend to spend my free time in Cheltenham so was hoping to gain some work experience the week before Christmas (ambitious, I know). It’s a busy week for most PR agencies, wrapping up final details before they leave the office, yet regardless of this, Target were happy to help.

Target were the obvious choice. Its vast range of clients and extensive experience is admirable and my time here has far exceeded expectation.

From day one, I knew exactly what was expected of me, with a detailed work programme catered specifically for my requirements. After a tour by Sam and presentation by Maddy, I was comfortable as soon as I took my seat. All the clients were explained in detail, making each task that little bit easier.

Much of my time was dedicated to producing press and web releases and, ultimately, learning the crucial art of catering to an audience. With an English Language degree under my belt, I have always been deemed “a waffler”, something I’m attempting to improve on. For many press releases, it is crucial you stay within the house guidelines and adapt your writing style accordingly. Target has helped me refine my writing technique and I truly think I’m one step closer to cutting out the waffle!

My most beneficial experience was during time spent away from the desk. On Tuesday morning, I was invited along to a client meeting with a few team members at Target. The experience was first-rate, with both the clients and the team making me feel completely at ease. It’s clear Target really care about offering these unique opportunities to its work experience students, allowing each individual to understand office dynamics in its fullest capacity.

As well as this, I spent my time doing the social media for Target, helping me sharpen my skills on Twitter and Facebook. In a digitally evolving world, social media experience in a business environment is invaluable, and I’m grateful for each and every opportunity I have been offered at Target.

So, for anyone looking to gain a greater insight into the PR industry or are unsure about their future career prospects, Target should be at the top of your list.

Thanks to the team for being both patient and approachable. You’ve made my transition into the working world much less daunting and I wish the company every success in the future!img_3397