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When it comes to creating an effective and engaging social media plan, there’s a lot to keep in mind; from the client’s current social media presence to content creation best practices and measuring success.

As a strategic and versatile communications agency, we’re able to consider and advise on many different aspects to create a social media plan that will achieve excellent results.

Recently, we were appointed by KNEAD Bakery to create a social media plan for their #KNEADEggHunt Easter competition. KNEAD bring dynamic flavours to the Cotswolds through delicious food, and owners, Kris and John, founded the bakery on tradition, quality and seasonality.

The competition saw customers flock to KNEAD locations throughout the Cotswolds to find five golden doughnuts and win a selection of incredible prizes. We worked alongside our expert Social Media Consultant, Luan Wise to create a detailed plan, which provided KNEAD with a step by step guide to what content to create, when to post and how to measure success.

The results:

  • Instagram followers increased by 1,211
  • Facebook followers increased by 200
  • 3,500 doughnuts sold


“We really enjoyed working with Target Group on the Easter project. The planner they set out for us was easy to use and very helpful. Very detailed and improved our approach to social media on a whole.”

Kris Biggs, Director, KNEAD Bakery


So, how did we do it?

It’s important to keep your goals and priorities at the forefront of all activity. We knew that KNEAD wanted to reach more potential customers during the competition, so we started by investigating their current social channels, and making recommendations for their accounts. We analysed their current insights, before conducting hashtag research. We also advised about a suitable timeline for the social media content, drafted appropriate terms and conditions for the competition and created example social media copy.

By analysing KNEAD’s social channels, we were able to build a better understanding of their audiences. This enabled us to make recommendations about the competition, so their team could create content that followers would be compelled to engage with, while also building a wider audience and increasing their following.


Community management

Tone of voice, as part of community management, is an important consideration when creating a social media plan. Understanding how you want to interact with followers on social media can help increase both your engagement rate and reach, but it also builds a deeper bond with an interested audience.

Liking, sharing and replying to comments will strengthen your presence on social media, and a higher engagement rate on a specific post may indicate that this type of content resonates well with the audience. As well as making these suggestions to KNEAD, we provided the team with some comment suggestions to help with community management. Our examples included thanking customers, as well as asking questions and encouraging further conversation.

For KNEAD, we mapped out a clear timeline for the Easter competition, dividing the activity into three clear phases: ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ and made recommendations on how to post about the competition during these periods of the plan. The ‘before’ content was all about teasing the audience to pique their interest. The ‘during’ content was all about driving awareness of the competition and footfall in the KNEAD locations. And the ‘after’ content was particularly important to build on the relationship with followers, thanking everyone who took part and reminding customers to keep their eyes peeled for more exciting events.

We also provided KNEAD with several post ideas across all three phases of the social media timeline, before giving them some planned out social media content ideas, that was nuanced specifically for each platform they were posting on.


Make it accessible for all

Did you know that approximately 24% of the total population in the UK experience some form of disability? It’s vital to ensure that accessibility is part of your social media plan. In the plan for KNEAD, we outlined the some suggestions to make sure their content was accessible to all.

So, when creating content or writing copy, ensure to consider inclusivity and accessibility best practices to prevent shutting out any potential followers.


Measuring success

Collecting and analysing data on social media posts can help you establish what’s performing well and give you insights into the content that your audience likes to see. Without it, it’s almost impossible to reach goals such as growing your following.

We suggest starting by simply measuring the things you need to know. For KNEAD, we recommended measuring follower growth, reach throughout the campaign and the number of doughnuts sold.

So, if you’re looking to create a social media plan, clear and simple is best. And, a competition is a great way to engage an audience and achieve some brilliant results. If you’re looking to find out more about our social media services, click here.