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Having a social media presence is now a fundamental part of our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s from a business or personal perspective, we continue to embrace digital ways of working and keeping in touch with colleagues, family and friends as well as using social platforms to seek out or create communities online.

Social media has changed a lot in recent times with its adoption accelerating exponentially over the past few years. According to the most recent report from We Are Social the UK has 57 million social media users, which equates to approximately 84% of the population. In addition, the findings also reveal we spend on average of 1 hour 56 minutes every day on social platforms and visit six social media platforms per month.

The evolution of the way we use social media is only going to continue to shape how we explore, connect, communicate and collaborate. One recent example, according to the latest figures from Total Media, reveals nearly 40% of Gen Z social media users prefer to use TikTok and Instagram as search engines over Google.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, navigating the latest trends, developments and platforms can be a daunting prospect. Harnessing the positives while being mindful of the possible pitfalls are key to maximising the potential and utilising it in a way that works for you, your business, your brand and your wider community. However, there is no doubt that the scope social media offers is there to be realised, whether you’re just starting out or looking to reset your approach.

Maybe you’ve already set the intention to embrace all that social media has to offer this year but don’t know where to start or you’re seeking answers to questions such as:

  • Which platform should we prioritise?
  • How do we define our target audience and understand how they use social media?
  • How will we find the time to dedicate to creating content?
  • We’ve got lots of ideas but what shall we do first?
  • What imagery shall we use?
  • How can we create momentum, foster engagement and generate consistency?
  • How can we ensure that our social media content reflects the purpose of our organisation?
  • How can we quantify the value of social media as part of our business?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about increasing your presence or trying out another platform to further your reach or expand your online profile further. Or you’ve seen how successfully it’s worked for others, and you’d like to integrate it into your own plans for 2024.

Social media is a powerful tool that, when used strategically and tactically, can elevate your business. By understanding your audience, creating compelling content, fostering engagement, and staying agile, you can harness its potential.

That’s why we’ve created our three-month, three-phase, comprehensive social media package to help businesses and brands raise their social game, or review and reset where they are and where they’d like to be.

By outsourcing to a dedicated social team like us you will gain a whole host of benefits to help elevate your social media, drive awareness and engagement and, ultimately, support business growth.

Here’s how:

  • We have all the tools and knowledge to hand from a social media perspective which will help save you and your team time and resources to focus on other business priorities.
  • We conduct thorough research to ensure we understand your target audiences and their behaviours as well as their content and platform preferences, to build engagement with the right audiences on the right platforms.
  • We bring a wealth of expertise in social media strategy, content creation, creating a consistent posting schedule and working tactically to consider algorithms as part of our approach.
  • We have access to and a thorough understanding of the necessary tools and software for content creation and scheduling.

By following our three-phase process, we’ll get to know you and your business, establish your goals, and design a clear plan – everything you need to set your social media content alight. Tailored to each client, our dedicated communications team will work with you to integrate it into your plans for 2024 and beyond.