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With experience comes insight.

Many of Target’s clients are involved in different forms of innovation, from breakthrough technologies, to ideas that turn common practice on its head, delivering positive social and environmental impacts along the way.

Innovation is driven by people. And we know that the greatest challenge of managing people often comes down to communication.

We believe that expert communication can actually drive innovation. It’s a view we’ve arrived at through experience and research. Our special report brings together decades of academic research which gets a little update courtesy of Target’s Chief Executive, Sarah Bryars, and her own study into the experiences of five business leaders undertaken during her MBA Leading Business.

Innovation for everyone.

To download a copy of Target’s white paper, simply fill out the form below.

Spreading the word

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword at Target, it is a key part of our culture and approach. Since the launch of the white paper we have been spreading the innovation message at speaking opportunities and events throughout Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

Our own masterclass, hosted at the inspiring University of Gloucestershire School of Business and Technology, gathered contacts from across the Gloucestershire business community for a morning of thought-provoking conversations and shared insights exploring just how expert communication can drive innovation.

Whether you want to join the innovation conversation, explore how Target could support your business’s innovation efforts, or even put our white paper writing and event organisation prowess to the test; why not get in touch?