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Target Talks: Purposeful PR

Introducing our podcasts

Here at Target, we love nothing more than exploring the rich and diverse experiences of our clients, partners and peers when it comes to communicating with purpose.

After all, the most effective communication – communication that moves us to action, deepens our understanding, or makes us feel connected with others – is truly collaborative.

Target Talks gives us the opportunity to indulge in some great conversations with our guests and to share their insights with listeners far and wide.

Scroll down to discover more about this season’s theme: Purposeful PR.

We hope you’ll enjoy listening!
How to listen

Listen to the latest episodes of Target Talks here, or find us on your preferred podcast platform.

Let’s talk about purpose

In 2022, Target launched the Pillars of Purpose model, which takes into consideration the union between PR and purpose; we believe this is invaluable to any organisation on its journey to becoming purpose led. With many organisations reflecting on how to incorporate purpose into communications, we thought it would be a great theme for our first podcast series.

Each episode, join our Chief Executive, Sarah Bryars, and Director, Sam Kandiyali as they explore why being purpose-led in communications is so valuable. With the help of guests including a Social Media Consultant, Corporate Affairs Specialist, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director, Sarah and Sam will be delving into the different ways purposeful communications can be delivered and sharing tips for helping organisations to feel connected with their audiences through a shared sense of purpose.