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BPE Solicitors

A Top 200 law firm in the UK, BPE Solicitors is an entrepreneurial business working with like-minded companies across a range of sectors.

With such a sector-based approach, it was recognised that BPE required high quality marketing collateral to support their fee earners in approaching prospective new clients. Key target sectors were identified and Target held fact-finding meetings with the relevant team leaders to establish the key messages that were important to clients.

From these meetings, and for each sector, a set of key messages was drafted and agreed. These formed the basis for the brochures.

Taking significant news themes or statistical data as a starting point, the key issues faced by the sectors were described, and followed by a soft-sell outline of BPE’s experience in each. This strategy is intended to convey the deep-understanding that the lawyers at BPE have for their clients’ business interests, and the topics that are of the greatest importance to them.

The result is a range of image and issues led brochures, covering the top three hot topics for each sector and introducing BPE’s team of experts, positioning them as leaders in their fields to advise and support their clients.

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