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As the largest independently owned business services group in the UK, Commercial’s primary focus is to help clients develop better ways of working.

For almost 15 years, they have placed sustainability at the heart of how the firm operates, driving profit and purpose in equal measure.

By early 2020, when they were ready to report on their progress, the list of projects and measurable impacts was long. Their challenge? To evidence their work and share all that they had learned, in a way that others could digest and adapt for themselves.

Our solution? We worked closely with their in-house marketing team to develop a narrative that would capture Commercial’s passion, personality and performance. We felt that Commercial had moved beyond a series of projects, to offer a new, evidenced, model for modern business. A four-part model: for sustainable operations, for serving the customer, for an ethical economic ecosystem, and a model for valuing people and communities.

Weaving this narrative through their social impact report, we provided copy that echoed their unique voice. The end result, impactfully designed by their in-house team, is a powerful 60-page report. Commercial were worthy winners of a 2020 Planet Mark Award, in the Sustainability Transparency category, and we couldn’t be more proud to have been part of the project!

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