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Frocester Group

When Frocester Engineering added new specialisms of Electrical, Fire and Security to its company portfolio to form the new Frocester Group, Target was asked to review its brand identity and messaging to help articulate the expanded collaborative offering to staff and customers.

Target facilitated a planning and strategy workshop with the Frocester Group directors, developing and refining the new Group’s vision, values and purpose and identifying its communications priorities with key audiences. Working with the team at Design Sanctuary, Target then used this insight to inform the development of a new brand identity and tone of voice that reflects the current and future business – simple, flexible, premium, modern.

“Target really managed to get under the skin of the expanded business offering for Frocester Group, helping us to identify the primary market segments that we will be targeting and then tailoring our marketing messages for each. This then led on to the development of a new strong brand identity for the Group which we are extremely pleased with.”   

Anthony Locke, Managing Director, Frocester Group

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