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Clear communications through crisis.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, our support for Leeways Packaging Services Ltd, extended to include internal as well as external communications.

Through the first phase of the crisis clear communications were vital to the thermoformed packaging manufacturer’s 135 staff. Taking a proactive approach these comms sought to inform, explain, reassure and avoid the rumour and speculation that can so often fill a communication-vacuum. Messaging moved from the operational updates to the softer guidance geared towards the wellbeing of their colleagues, whether working remotely or in new shift patterns on site.

Having created some helpful tips for the team, this was adapted and shared with external communities too, hoping others could make good use of their experience. And then came the all-important ‘thank you’ to their colleagues and suppliers, who rose so superbly to the challenge of meeting increased demand from panic buying and helping supermarkets keep food on the shelves.

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