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The Quadrangle

When planning permission was granted in 2018 for the Quadrangle, one of Cheltenham’s most prominent buildings, a story of transformation began.

Target was appointed by the building’s owner to work as part of the multi-disciplinary project team, who were turning the rather tired 1970s monolith into a vibrant aspirational work and leisure destination, designed to meet the needs of the town.

From green light to completion, Target’s role has continuously evolved.

Branding: We began by introducing and briefing Design Sanctuary to develop a brand identity that would reflect the building’s transformation into a premium and hugely desirable office and retail location in the leafy heart of Cheltenham.

Website: Once this was complete, we created a website which told the design story during the construction phase of the project. With a news section that could be regularly updated, we were able to chart the refurbishment’s progress, using key milestones and other project developments as hooks.

Media relations: These construction landmarks also formed the basis of our media relations programme. Whether that was additional planning permission being granted for the Plaza, work starting, or completion of the additional rooftop storey, a regular flow of news stories formed the basis of the Quadrangle’s communications strategy while work was being carried out. As home to Cheltenham’s first rooftop restaurant, the ‘topping out’ was an opportunity for us to showcase the spectacular rooftop views, hosting a photocall with key stakeholders.

Social media: As the project neared completion and we moved into another phase which would focus on attracting tenants and showcasing all that the Quadrangle has to offer, we set up Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. This combination enabled us to relate to members of the public and businesses. Content has centred around showcasing the building, supporting the local community and key stakeholders, sharing stories from tenants and making announcements when new names are confirmed. For those bigger announcements, such as when new tenants have been confirmed, we also issued news stories to local media.

Stakeholder communications: As the building is such a prominent feature in Cheltenham, we made sure we involved those who have been, and continue to be, part of its story. From the planners to the council, main contractor, architect, tenants and the local BID team, to name a few, it’s helped us to position the building as more than just bricks and mortar. This approach will remain central to our communications strategy going forward, helping to place the Quadrangle in the heart of the community.

The Quadrangle, Cheltenham
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